About Us


Back in the late 70's & 80's our friends wore Mascot leather jackets, our bands wore Mascot leather jackets, we wore Mascot leather jackets (on our Yamaha FS1E's). 


From the late 1950's, a leather motorcycle jacket was a statement, whether you rode a motorcycle or not, it is a piece of clothing that was viewed as cool, appearing throughout popular British culture to represent a certain mindframe or atitude, from the rockers at the 'Ace Cafe' to the world changing statement of punk, and beyond, always reinventing itself within fashion, but always borrowing from it's previous years of youth rebellion.


These days you can buy a motorcycle jacket or it's representation from any high street retailer and the internet, but the Mascot designs are a direct link to the time of counter culture that the leather jacket represented.


The side buckles, coffin zip pulls and batwing back seam, were the elements that made the Mascot 'Black Night' recognisable. 


Our aim at Mascot Leathers is to revive the lost designs with jackets that will be as close to the originals as possible albeit with modern elements, plus as the originals were rarely made in larger sizes, we will recreate them to accommodate this.


Most importantly, we want to separate you from the crowd by re-imagining the designs, yet still keeping the Mascot  affordable just as they were in their heyday.


We have collected a great archive of images, but if you have old pictures of Mascot wearers, please share them with us and we will add them to our gallery.


Below is Nick, he bought his Mascot in late 1977 from Grays motorcycle shop, Bristol - £39.99 - Lewis & Belstaff jackets were more expensive, around £50 to £80,  restrictive for young chaps in the regions to afford, so Mascot was the first choice if you were going to see The Clash and didn't have the extra cash to splash out.